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Ultrasound training in Haiti

Dr. Gronseth teaching in Haiti.

7D Imaging, Inc. was founded by Cliff Gronseth, M.D., a former geologist and international gemstone trader, now a physiatrist and musculoskeletal expert in Boulder, Colorado. Dr. Gronseth strives to bring ultrasound to the world. He made the unique NAV (Navigation) software to help healthcare providers learn ultrasound fast – at the point-of-action. He believes the best way to learn ultrasound is with a probe in your hand and key information at your fingertips – anywhere, anytime – even at the bedside. The NAV software has proven to be such a powerful learning accelerator that is now used for ultrasound teaching around the globe.

With his passion for ultrasound, Dr. Gronseth founded the NYAGI Project, an educational non-profit organization focused on saving lives with ultrasound and technology around the world. He leads teams of experts to low-income countries to teach prenatal, emergency and musculoskeletal ultrasound skills to medical providers working in remote areas. In 2018 he was given the Humanitarian Award from the International Foundation of Sonography Education and Research for his work in Nepal and is currently working on ultrasound training projects in Haiti, Nicaragua and Tanzania.

Every two minutes a mother dies from complications of pregnancy – equal to two fully-loaded 747 jets crashing every day.  Imagine reading that in the news every morning! No mother should die from pregnancy, regardless of where she lives. Dr. Gronseth envisions a world where anyone in need can access a medical provider with ultrasound skills, even in far, off-the-road places.

By using the NAV software and effectively doing ultrasound in your practice, you will help promote the power of ultrasound to your colleagues and patients by looking inside the body, real-time, harmlessly.  You will also be helping 7D Imaging and the NYAGI Project in their quest to save lives in remote, less fortunate corners of the world. Contact us if you would like to know more.

Ultrasound training in Nepal