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7D Imaging, Inc. and it’s sister non-profit, The NYAGI Project have a shared goal to bring ultrasound to the world. Become phenomenal at ultrasound and join us in Nepal, Haiti or another part of the globe that is in need.

Every 2 minutes a mother dies in childbirth. This is preventable. Every mother should have the right to a prenatal ultrasound before her child is born. Help us achieve our goal. Become phenomenal at ultraound and join us.

"I loved the Jumpstart Course."

I loved it. The amount of probe time makes the program great for all skill levels. I felt, as a novice, the structure allowed me to quickly confirm what I already knew, but still allowed me to focus on new/advanced topics that I wanted to learn. The day flew by because the quick pace kept things interesting. There was no lag time reviewing unnecessary things. Lastly, the instructors were great in providing PEARLS and ways to improve/learn new ultrasound skill after the program.

Mitchell Frydenlund

"Thank you for helping to jumpstart my msk career."

Thanks so much for everything you guys did for me on Saturday.  I feel so much more confident now and we have begun building my schedule for me to start doing my own scans in a couple weeks.  The training was so much more in depth than I was expecting and I loved how easy it was to understand.  I can’t imagine that I could have gotten better training anywhere else.  I’m so glad I found you guys and thank you for helping to jumpstart my msk career!  🙂
Desiree Reclosado

"I gained so much knowledge in diagnostic ultrasound."

I was amazed that after a preliminary online prep course and a short day of practical hands-on ultrasound exploration I gained so much knowledge in diagnostic ultrasound. I left the course with enough tools and confidence to start experimenting with the ultrasound on my own. 

Dr. Cliff Gronseth has figured out an education method that is effective and non-intimidating.   He is an excellent instructor as are the instructors he brings along. 

Antoinette Vastenburg, PT

"Hands down the most fun and hands-on training I have had."

I am a Physician Assistant working in orthopedics with a beginner’s level knowledge and exposure to ultrasound.  I recently attended the one-day ultrasound Jumpstart class led by Dr. Cliff Gronseth, and it was such a positive experience! I have attended several ultrasound learning cinics, and this was hands down the most fun and hands-on training I have had.  Using the 7D Imaging mskNAV software on the iPad really helped break down the information in a way that was easy to interpret and remember.  Overall incredibly valuable experience.

Laura B.

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Ultrasounds used to be far more expensive and difficult to perform, but with recent advances in Ultrasound Technology, you can perform an Ultrasound in your office to diagnose problems quickly and keep your patients from having to visit you a dozen times before you can even start really treating them.
And with the 7D Imaging NAV software, Ultrasound just got a whole lot easier. Our software, coupled with the advancements that have been made in ultrasound equipment, makes Ultrasound easier to learn, more affordable to do, and more practical to implement into your existing care plans.

But we don’t just sell software. Our goal at 7D Imaging is to give you both the tools and the understanding of how to use them, so you can provide better care for your patients and restore some of your sanity, without eating up all your free time.

That’s why we offer this one-day hands on training course: to jumpstart your Ultrasound education.