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We get a series of questions about our classes, software, and trainings. We’ve done our best to answer them here.
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Software Questions

General Questions

 What differentiates mskNAV™ from its competitors?

mskNAV™ isn’t just an app; it’s essentially an instructor by your side. Our mskNAV™ software offers instructional videos, reference material, and libraries of content on how to properly perform ultrasound right at your fingertips and allows you to earn up to 66 AMA PRA Category 1 CME Credits ™.


Can I use the software login on more than one iPad?
No, each purchase or subscription to our software creates a unique login ID and can only be logged in to one iPad at a time. Bulk order pricing can be arranged if necessary.


Do your learning systems substitute for professional medical care?
No. Our products are strictly educational tools designed to provide side-by-side learning during ultrasound exams. It is in no way a substitute for professional medical diagnosis.


Am I eligible/how do I get CME credits with mskNAV™?
Yes, mskNAV was developed in accordance with the AAPM&R, AIUM, and ESSR endorsed guidelines for learning musculoskeletal ultrasound. Therefore, you can earn up to 66 AMA PRA Category 1 CME Credits™. There are 6 joint modules, each worth 11 credits. The tests can be taken at any time, as many times as you want on the aapm&r website. (You don’t have to be a member of aapm&r to get credits). 


Do I need an ultrasound machine?
Not necessarily. While mskNAV™ is technically designed to be used during live scans, it can be used for self-study or classroom use without an ultrasound.


Are future app updates included in the initial purchase?
Yes, the app automatically updates as we continue to develop the software. The app logs you out every 30 days to check for updates. 


How do I contact 7D Imaging, Inc. technical support?
Just email us at: with SUPPORT in the subject line or call 1-877-977-1875. 


Is the app available on Android or PC?
No, the app is only available on iPad as of now. We are currently re-designing the software to be available on Android. Although, as of now it is strictly only available on iPad.  

Purchasing Modules

What devices work with your products? Or what platforms are approved for use?
Currently, our software is only available on iPads running iOS 6 or later, including: iPad®, iPad Air®, iPad mini™, and iPad Pro®. We are in the process of creating an android tablet version in the near future.

Why is the software not compatible with iPhone®, other smartphones, or desktop?
We designed the software to be iPad®-specific because this allows for easy portability, all while allowing the user to view a large enough screen to display all the needed information. An iPad® is the ideal size to receive all the benefits of our ultrasound training software. A desktop version is not available due to information security issues and development costs.

How much memory space does your software require?
mskNAV™ requires a minimum of 2GB of storage on your device for the Full Musculoskeletal Body (both Upper Extremity and Lower Extremity), and a minimum of 1GB for per additional module. We also recommend that you have at least another 1GB of empty space remaining so that the app runs more smoothly.

Can I use my own iPad®, or do I need to purchase another one?
Our modules can be downloaded onto any Ipad as long as there is adequate storage available (around 3GB). If storage space is a problem on your personal iPad®, however, then we do recommend that you have a dedicated device specifically for using our ultrasound learning software.

When I try to download modules from the App Store®, I get the error message, “This application is not compatible with this device.” What does this mean?
mskNAV™ is designed to run on devices running IOS 6 or higher (and iPad® Generation 2 or newer). If you receive this error message, your device does not meet these criteria and will not run the software.

When downloading modules from the App Store®, I received the following error message: “It appears you are not connected to a data network.”
Since our modules, especially mskNAV™, are large and data-heavy, we recommend they be downloaded over a fast and stable wifi connection. If you receive this message, you are likely downloading over a cellular connection.

When downloading a module, my connection dropped and the content download was interrupted. Now I get an error message and cannot run the app. What should I do?
Completely turn off the iPad® and restart. Completely delete the app and then redownload from the App Store®.

Getting Started

Where can I find a tutorial to help me get started using the software?
There are online tutorials built right into the modules to help guide you. From the home screen, tap “Quick Guide” on the left hand side to activate.

Can I permanently download content from the software?
You won’t need to! All the content for each module is already stored on your iPad® and is accessible even without an internet connection. You can, however, take a screenshot on your iPad by pressing the Home and Power buttons simultaneously.

I have problems getting videos to play or the screen is unresponsive. What is wrong?
Make sure your iPad® is running iOS 6 or higher and has the minimum storage recommended (3 GB for Full Body) and memory requirements to run mskNAV™. Try turning off your device and rebooting. Email our support desk at with SUPPORT in the subject line if the problem persists.

How do I know which version of mskNAV™ I’m running?
Go to Settings → General → Storage & iCloud Usage → Manage Storage → tap mskNAV™ and look for Version.

Updating Content

How and when do I update modules?
Just like any other app, you’ll see a notification in the App Store® whenever we update content or make changes to the software. Our content development team is always improving content, so be sure to check out the update description to see what’s new!

How do I report an application error or bug?
To report an application error or bug, please send email info@7Dimaging with APP ERROR in the subject line. or call 1-877-977-1875.

iPad Stand

Why should I buy the iPad bedside stand?
While completely optional, we recommend that you use an iPad stand since mskNAV™ is designed for use side by side with your ultrasound machine during live scanning.

Do you ship stands internationally?
No, we do not ship stands internationally.

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