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Master Musculoskeletal Ultrasound – Fast.


Conquer MSK ultrasound’s steep learning curve.


NAV™ software delivers a fast way to learn MSK ultrasound and provides an effective teaching tool for ultrasound courses.


mskNAV software.

Includes :

  • Ultrasound Scanning Protocol Steps
  • Relevant “hotspots” and colored overlays
  • Fully labeled SAX and LAX ultrasound videos
  • Anatomy Peel Aways – Superficial to Deep
  • Outlined and Detailed Reference Material
  • Sample Reports
  • Clinical Differential Diagnoses
  • Patient Position Photographs
  • Pathology Library
  • Labeled MRI scans with quiz mode
  • Includes new content, upgrades, and support as long as subscription is active

**Does not include injection module

mskNAV with up to 66 credits of CME.

Everything from the Basic Subscription and…

  • Up to 66 AMA PRA Category 1 CME Credit(s)™
  • Access to our webinars for one year.
  • Includes new content, upgrades, and support as long as subscription is active. 
  • Requires up-front 2-year payment ($960)

**Injection module sold separately

Lifetime access. 
Everything from the Basic Subscription and… 
  • Up to 66 AMA PRA Category 1 CME Credit(s)™
  • Access to our webinars for one year.
  • MSK Injection module included
  • Includes new content, upgrades, and support indefinitely.

The Fastest Way to Learn MSK Ultrasound

mskNAV™ is a powerful tool for learning musculoskeletal ultrasound that is used by healthcare professionals, students and educators around the world.

Run on an iPad®, mskNAV™ is an effective and interactive self-study course – available anytime, anywhere. You can learn up to 10 times faster with mskNAV™

and it’s CME approved.


mskNAV™ has 6 joint modules:







Fast Access To Key Information

mskNAV™ provides information at your fingertips:  

Scan protocols, labelled videos, normal and pathology images, expert tips, patient positions, peel-away anatomy, injections libraries, quiz mode and more. Learn at the bedside, in clinic, at home… anywhere!

CME Included

mskNAV™ offers information useful for beginners and experts to improve patient care and your clinical skills.

Each of the 6 joint modules is approved for up to eleven CME Credits of enduring education.

up to 66 AMA PRA Category 1 CME Credit(s)™ .

Built For Students, Professionals, Educators & Program Directors

Whether you’ve been in clinical practice for 20 years, or you’re still a student – whether you’re one who teaches others or one who manages training programs, mskNAV™ is the best software to learn, teach, and perform ultrasound. It’s used by training programs around the world.


Learn anytime, anywhere

Information at your fingertips

Crush the learning curve

  • Step-by-step scanning protocols to guide you through various ultrasound exams.
  • Self-study course gives you the freedom to learn at your own pace.
  • Pre-study for a hands-on session to know what you are looking for.
  • Use for small group learning to help guide and quiz each other. Like a teacher at your side.
  • Quiz mode makes the information “stick” into memory.
  • Learn gross, fine and “ultra-fine” anatomy with peel away illustrations and pre-labeled videos.
  • Use side-by-side while scanning to help you know what you see.
  • Quick patient education. Show what normal or abnormal looks like.


Boost bedside confidence

Master injection technique

Up to 66 CME credits

  • Injection libraries with pre-labeled anatomy, tips and cautions. Great for learning fresh or to re-fresh.
  • Comprehensive courses broken down into structured “chunks” to improve retention.
  • Blended learning with labeled scanning videos and images to complement your lectures.
  • 3D peel-away anatomy with dynamic labeling.
  • Side-by-side comparison of actual ultrasound image with training view.
  • Pathology instruction with what to look for and pitfalls to avoid.
  • Fast Access to relevant information.

A Letter From our Founder:

I believe that ultrasound does not have to be hard to learn. Please join me in my quest to bring the power of ultrasound to the world.For almost twenty years as a physiatrist in Colorado, ultrasound has helped me diagnose and treat many musculoskeletal conditions, and discover undiagnosed DVT’s, aortic aneurysms, fractures and even cancer. I am a strong believer that ultrasound should be used in every medical practice, outpatient and inpatient, throughout the world.To that end, I developed ultrasound learning software 7D Imaging, and founded a global non-profit (NYAGI Project) that teaches ultrasound skills around the world.With great success, residency and fellowship programs across the US and internationally have used the 7D Imaging learning system. 
It’s proven to accelerate learning. Recently, a PM&R residency program in Michigan incorporated 7D Imaging’s accelerated learning system into their curriculum, including interactive remote webinars. The results have been tremendous.  We would like to offer the same software/webinar learning system into your residency program if you are interested in enhancing and accelerating ultrasound training for your residents.Explore this website and learn all about our software & courses. Feel free to contact me directly with questions.

Our software is in use in hospitals, educational programs, and specialists’ offices all over the world. It’s proven to be the fastest way to learn Ultrasound.

What Other mskNAV™ Users Have Said

Having mskNAV™ at the bedside significantly increases my confidence in using ultrasound, performing scans and understanding the pathology quickly. It also leads the patient to a better understanding of the treatments and prognosis.

Vaheed Sevvom

mskNAV™ has everything in one place. It’s very easy to use, saves so much time in learning, and makes you a competent and confident scanner in a much shorter time period.

Pippa Tatge

The ultrasound navigation software has the capacity to operate as a tutorial for someone just beginning to learn ultrasound… Given the high maternal mortality rate in Uganda itself, the potential for this program is tremendous.

Spokesman for the Uganda Project

The Fastest Way To Learn Ultrasound


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