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The Fastest, Most Engaging Way To Learn Ultrasound.

We believe that your time is better spent serving your patients than sitting behind a desk (whether you’re doing paperwork or reading a textbook).
The  NAV™ software suite that our company developed our Ultrasound training courses are both designed to transform your life and practice, and by extension the lives of your patients.

Portable Tech

Our iPad® based software is designed to make Ultrasound as portable and intuitive as possible; so no matter where you are, you can diagnose immediately and help your patients instead of giving them the run-around.

THE Fastest, Most Engaging Way to Learn

One-Day, Hands-On Course: Jumpstart Class

Our Jumpstart Course is a one-day offering, designed to teach you all the basics, and give you fun, engaging, and firsthand experience with performing Ultrasounds.

Other courses require multiple modules and more of your time spent sitting in classes learning only the information from the books (Sometimes for weeks!). Once you finish our course, you will not only understand the power of Ultrasound, you will be able to perform them with confidence. Everything we teach leads right up to a test, so you can get certified quickly.

You will also have access to our webinars and libraries within the software to continue your training and improve your skill.

Ready for the fastest, and most engaging way to learn Ultrasound?

Your Personalized Jumpstart

The in-program training enables you to learn at your own pace, even after you finish the course. It’s impossible to learn everything about Ultrasound in a single day.

But daily learning, using the software, can transform your patient care experience dramatically. We can’t teach you everything in a day, but we are here to help you learn every step of the way.

Teaching was outstanding!

Great day of ultrasound training – cool technology with applications for every day primary care – I am a primary care doctor who has been looking to learn ultrasound and Dr. Gronseth’s ultrasound course was a great way for me to get into the ultrasound world and learn skills that I can immediately take back to the office to improve patient care. Teaching was outstanding! They delivered on their promise to teach me and get me going in the right direction.

Christopher Trojanovich MD MPH

I loved the Jumpstart Course.

I loved it. The amount of probe time makes the program great for all skill levels. I felt, as a novice, the structure allowed me to quickly confirm what I already knew, but still allowed me to focus on new/advanced topics that I wanted to learn. The day flew by because the quick pace kept things interesting. There was no lag time reviewing unnecessary things. Lastly, the instructors were great in providing PEARLS and ways to improve/learn new ultrasound skill after the program.

Mitchell Frydenlund

I gained so much knowledge in one short day!

"I was amazed that after a preliminary online prep course and a short day of practical hands-on ultrasound exploration I gained so much knowledge in diagnostic ultrasound. I left the course with enough tools and confidence to start experimenting with the ultrasound on my own.

Dr. Cliff Gronseth has figured out an education method that is effective and non-intimidating.   He is an excellent instructor as are the instructors he brings along."

Antoinette Vastenburg, PT

I had an excellent experience!

"I completed the Jumpstart Ultrasound Training with Dr Cliff Gronseth and had an excellent experience. Dr Gronseth is an excellent teacher and has extensive ultrasound experience and expertise that he shares with enthusiasm.  He knows the Butterfly probe like the back of his hand and the mskNAV software that he has developed is exceptional. This course is definitely worthwhile and I highly recommend it."

Chester Dreiman, MD FACP

Amazing resource!

This is an excellent resource for residency programs or the independent practitioner learning ultrasound. This app is extremely thorough and user-friendly.  It includes scans of all the AIUM required structures and additional ones that are clinically relevant.  Provides excellent MRI and illustrated anatomy correlations. Walks you through scanning protocols and injections.  It gave me everything I needed to establish a strong foundation and MSK ultrasound.


Our fellows love it!

It’s fast, intuitive and very helpful for teaching ultrasound.

J. Stumbo

Sports Medicine Program Director

Learn ultrasound injections instantly

On several occasions I’ve needed to learn how to do a specific injection on the spot. I opened mskNAV, quickly reviewed the injection module and then performed the injection successfully for the first time! Highly recommended. An important reference in my office. One of a kind learning tool!


The only way to learn US by yourself.

This is an amazing program not only for those looking to get better at US, but for those who are learning anatomy, injections and anything MSK related. If you are using this app for a supplement to a fund of knowledge or learning from scratch it gives great content for both. I hip on before I do an injection for a quick refresher to look at my landmarks and positioning.

Randall Johnson

Great tool for complying with the new AMSSM MSK guideline.

We have been using this program with our fellows and residents for the last year and a half, outstanding program. 


Worth every penny.

I love this app.  As a teacher and learner it is fabulous.  I used it for my ARMDS certification and in teaching fellows.  MSK US is dynamic and hard to learn from a photo in a book.  The live videos are great and I love how you can tag anatomy.  I even use it to educate patients.  I would highly recommend this if you are learning MSK US or in a teaching role.


A great asset to any learning sonographer.

If you’re looking for a premier application and learning tool for ultrasound, look no further.  I’m a resident and this application was recently incorporated into our regular didactic schedule and has been more than impressive. It offers everything from anatomy review to step by step guide to diagnostic ultrasound. Great for both in the learning center as an adjunct to skills workshop as well as in the clinic for a quick review of both diagnostic and procedural skills.



Highly recommend. An important tool in my office!

Learn US injections instantly.  Been using mskNAV for several years now.  It definitely helped me when learning diagnostic ultrasound.  Currently, my use of it is to review or quickly learn ultrasound guided injections.  On several occasions, I’ve needed to learn how to do a specific injection on the spot. I opened mskNAV reviewed the injection module, reviewed it for 1-2 minutes and then successfully performed the injection for the first time!



Tremendous amount of useful information. Excellent resource. And the CME is nice!


Learning Your Way

Why “7D Imaging”?

There are 7 generally recognized ways to learn (Visual, Aural, Verbal, Physical, Logical, Social, & Solitary). We understand that these 7 dimensions of learning combine in different mixtures for each person.
That’s why we personalize your learning in class (something we can do with our smaller class sizes).

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The Fastest Way To Learn Ultrasound

Faster, more engaging, and more fun than any other method.

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